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Helping to combat Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties

Using our Self Help Booklets

Many adults who had school difficulties can still hear the class laughter as they struggle to read, or make obvious howlers in spelling or tables.

Happily, by early adulthood most manage to overcome these problems or learn to cope via constant practice and/or recourse to calculators cryptocurrency market and spell checkers, but for young people at school it is very, very painful.

So what are the Causes of Dyslexia and How can it be Combated?

Dyslexia is an underdevelopment of the Left Brain. We are all born with billions of neuronal cells in both Brains (hemispheres) where information is stored. Some of these cells are already hard wired with connections (Dendrites)to other cells. Dyslexics and most Learning Difficulties Students have less connections than others in their LEFT Brain making details and sequential learning difficult to master - thus they have some mechanical problems with Spelling, Tables, Reading, Time, Alphabet, Direction, Laces, Buttons, Ties, left/right. This is nothing whatsoever to do with low intelligence.

BUT it does affect CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM and increases ANXIETY, all of which makes future learning, storing and recalling information more difficult, if not impossible at times. This also affects vital understanding of new information, which adds to the difficulties of remembering it Litecoin. The majority of Dyslexics and Learning Difficulties students are Boys - and their anxiety often results in bedwetting. My article on Intelligence will clear a few points up. (see point 1)
Some Important Points:
  1. Intelligence is NOT fixed at birth but can be developed as we go through life: click here
  2. The underdeveloped Left Brain is compensated for by our more powerful Right Brain, especially in Dyslexics and many Learning Difficulties students.
  3. Wholebrain Techniques work because they are Right Brain dominant (Visual) with Left Brain back up (Sound), thus the strong Right Brain allows Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties to be successfully combated whilst helping to develop the Left Brain.

The Edinburgh Techniques, using the latest scientific and educational methods were a direct response to years of researching these Left Brain difficulties.

Wholebrain Learning uses both sides of the brain to achieve astonishing breakthroughs that were previously thought impossible.

These revolutionary techniques binary options platform, as highlighted on TV and in the press, have hundreds of satisfied parents and pupils. The Techniques allow students from 7yrs old to:

  • Spell words forwards and backwards in minutes
  • Learn a table in 20 minutes
  • Read better than the class average in 6 to 10 weeks
Twenty five years ago I developed a range of Wholebrain Learning Techniques to combat these problems. Following years of working with private students from most of the top schools in the UK I wrote the techniques up as self help booklets for parents and teachers.

They cover most of the needs of students from 5 to 95. Please peruse the site and see for yourself.

New: Customise these Anti-Bullying Stories

DANNY n TOMMY (Celtic)
ROB n SANDY (Rangers)
Old firm stars, the late Tommy Burns of Celtic and Rangers' Sandy Jardine, deliver anti-bullying speech to packed school assemblies.

This story can be customised by the reader to include their own name, their family and friends, their school, their home area and even their favourite team, sports hero etc (even make it a class project)

Click here for more details.

Teacher Relaxer CD

Developed by Harley Street Stress Management Consultant

This 20 minute Technique is a very powerful relaxation tool, based on Erickson's Sound of Calm. By repeating the word CALM throughout the process, the conscious mind is tricked into going down one road, thus releasing its hold on tense muscles, while the more powerful subconscious listens to the positive suggestions without interference.

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