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The Numbers Ladder. Numbers for beginners like you've never seen before.  
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Children Love the Ladder.

The Numbers Ladder is a simple approach to numbers which allows the beginner to SEE how numbers relate to one another from 1 to 100. Initially the child will count along the numbers with his finger when adding, but the brain eventually gets tired of this ‘longer' physical route and jumps ahead visually for the answer.

Like so many aspects of the Edinburgh Techniques the learning is fast because it uses both sides of the brain, Wholebrain Learning.

The multi coloured ladder can also be used to teach Addition and Subtraction. Its visual attractiveness and layout engages the right brain to link with the more organised left brain, producing Wholebrain Learning, making number learning so much easier and faster.

The Edinburgh Techniques..... because school is not enough!

  Colourful, simple, innovative. Kids love it and it speeds up their counting.