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The Edinburgh Teaching Clock. Revolutionary: Learn the Time in 15 minutes.  
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The brilliance of this technique is its simplicity. It's so simple we daren't show a picture. Not everyone is as honest as you.
Allows children to learn the basics of telling the time within 10 to 15 minutes. Thereafter they are able to work the time out using the E T C. Within 3 or 4 days your child will be able to read an ordinary clock face.

The Download - A multi coloured clock face designed to fit the average kitchen clock comes with a 10 Easy Steps instruction leaflet. Once you fit the clock face you are ready to begin. The technique is so simple you could operate the clock even without the instructions.

The ETC is based on Wholebrain Learning and as the student works out how to tell the time, crucial brain pathways develop which also help in the understanding of maths generally and mental arithmetic specifically.

During this 3 or 4 day practice period their Left Hemisphere makes thousands of connective tissues (dendrites) containing new patterns of learning, which then allows the students to work the time out on ordinary clocks, sometimes slowly at first, then as fast as you or I.

The Edinburgh Techniques..... because school is not enough!


Simply the fastest method in the world for teaching the time in English.
- See Testimonials from Assumption College Bangkok and others

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